Kaiser Members Stand United!

2019 is the year we bargain our Local Agreement. There are a lot of changes happening at Kaiser and we want to make sure that we are as informed as possible before we sit down at the bargaining table.

With the Transformation, many members are experiencing change, stress, and insecurity because of bad past decisions made by management. In this process, we are working everyday to make sure our members’ contractual rights are followed.

However, amidst the uncertainty, we should not forget that our unity works. Last year, when Kaiser suspended negotiations, our membership didn’t panic, we refused to be intimidated by Kaiser and stayed strong and united.

This site will be updated through-out the year with additional FAQs, worksite meetings, and materials to share with other workers. If you haven’t already please be sure to take the member survey. We are stronger together!


Check here for the the most recent downloadable resources and flyers.

Join us at the next worksite meeting!